Lawyer for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Doctors in California

When you go to a doctor for any reason, you expect to encounter a trusted professional who will help with your health-related needs. This is one of the reasons it is so shocking when doctors take advantage of that trust by perpetrating acts of abuse or assault on their patients. As such, it comes as a shock to many victims when doctors perpetrate sexual abuse under the guise of treatment. Soofer Law Group has worked with many clients who have been hurt by those they should have been able to trust.

As a premier lawyer for victims of sexual abuse by doctors in California, we offer compassionate and respectful legal services to those victimized by this kind of violence. We have extensive knowledge and will work to get you the justice you deserve. Holding doctors fully accountable for sexual abuse is the only way to ensure that it does not repeatedly happen, resulting in more people being harmed by these unscrupulous medical professionals. 

What to Expect from a Medical Exam in California 

Any time you see a doctor for a medical issue and receive an examination, several components of the process should be consistent. You should be able to:

  • End the exam at any point that you feel uncomfortable
  • Request to have someone else in the room with you
  • Expect a certain level of privacy, meaning the exam should occur in a private room or a fully-curtained area
  • Ask for someone from a different gender to examine you if that makes you more comfortable. 
  • Undress only as much as that with which you are comfortable 
  • Ask questions about what the doctor is doing during the exam and/or why they are engaging in specific actions and receive comprehensive answers that make sense from a medical perspective. 

In other words, doctors who are just doing their jobs and not engaging in behaviors that could be deemed as sexually abusive should be able to justify all aspects of the examination and ensure your comfort at all times during the process. 

What May Constitute Abuse/Assault During a California Medical Exam?

Some actions may constitute sexual abuse/assault during a medical exam, especially during examinations of the pelvic or vaginal areas, breasts, rectum or testes. They include: 

  • Making inappropriate comments before, during, or after the exam
  • Refusing to tell you what they are doing and why, and/or telling you to be silent while they conduct the examination
  • Watching you undress before the examination or refusing to leave the room while you put your clothes back on after the exam
  • Insisting that you undress areas of your body that will not be examined, even if you express discomfort with doing so
  • Any form of sexual contact (kissing, groping, masturbation, intercourse or touching any body part for sexual purposes and not for the examination)

Essentially, your doctor should be held accountable for engaging in behavior that made you uncomfortable and/or could be construed as sexual contact.

How Can an Attorney for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Doctors in California Help You?

If you have been victimized by medical sexual abuse in California, Soofer Law Group may be able to help you. As an experienced California attorney for victims of sexual abuse we may be able to help you pursue justice. It is important that if you have been sexually abused by a medical professional that they be held accountable and are stopped from repeating the behavior.

You have the right to hold those that subjected you to such abuse accountable for their actions. We will help you do just that. After an initial case review, we will gather all pertinent records relating to the abuse incident. Given the nature of this case, we will proceed in a way that is sensitive to the circumstances and respectful of your victimization by a doctor you thought you could trust. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with a California Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

No one deserves to be victimized when seeking medical services, and doctors sign an oath going into this profession to do no harm. This is one of the reasons it is critical to hold those accountable who opt to break that oath by taking advantage of their patients’ trust. Moreover, medical facilities that employ these doctors should also be held accountable if they create an environment for abuse to thrive.

Soofer Law Group will do everything in our power to ensure that doctors engaging in sexual abuse or assault of their patients are held accountable for their actions. Take the first step by reaching out for a free consultation today by calling us at (310) 478-5090 or contact us online to learn more.


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