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Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services have changed the face of transportation. But each ride brings risks — and due to Uber and Lyft’s subpar vetting process for drivers, there has been a string of recent crimes across the country that involve drivers sexually assaulting passengers.

At the Soofer Law Group, every Torrance rideshare sexual assault lawyer assists survivors of these assaults, helping them receive the help and justice they deserve. We understand the pain and betrayal of trust associated with an assault, and we do our part to ensure any and all accountable parts are held accountable for their despicable actions.

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Why Choose a Torrance Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawyer from Soofer Law Group?

  • Soofer Law Group, a Torrance personal injury law firm, never gives anything less than the most aggressive and compassionate legal representation for every single client.
  • Our legal staff and attorneys are 100% committed to fighting for the best interests and financial well-being of our clients.
  • The founding attorney, Ramin Soofer, has devoted his career to helping injured clients receive a favorable financial outcome since 1993.

What are the Types of Rideshare Sexual Assaults?

In California, civil assault, much like sexual abuse, can be verbal or physical. This definition includes touches, comments, looks, and any other form of interaction. In short, if the driver made you feel uncomfortable, you were likely an assault victim.

Other incidents occur after the ride ends. Some drivers return to the dropoff point for unsavory purposes. Once again, any verbal or nonverbal act is probably an assault. That could even include repeatedly driving past a certain point.

Although many victims fully recover from a sexual assault or abuse event, this may take an extensive amount of time. Additionally, recovery requires financial resources, and that’s where a Torrance rideshare sexual assault lawyer steps in.

How a Rideshare Assault Attorney Can Help You

Therapy, along with some other treatments, usually helps sexual assault victims recover. These victims need assistance now, not later. They also need top-quality help from experienced professionals, and not just the therapy the insurance company is willing to pay for.

Our professionals cover these needs. Attorneys send letters of protection to medical and other providers. Since these letters guarantee payment when the case is resolved, providers charge nothing upfront for their services. As a bonus, attorneys negotiate with providers and obtain lower prices, to ease the financial burden even further.

Moreover, at the Soofer Law Group, our Torrance injury lawyer does not connect victims with just any therapist. We connect victims with professionals who routinely deal with sexual assault injury victims. So, while the road to recovery always has bumps, the road our clients travel is a lot smoother than it could be otherwise.

What Are Your Claims for Damages?

Rideshare companies are generally responsible for car crash damages. According to the respondeat superior doctrine, employers are liable for the damages their employees negligently cause during the scope of employment.

A sexual assault is clearly outside the scope of employment, so this rule does not apply. However, there are other possibly applicable legal doctrines, including:

  • Negligent Hiring: Employers have a legal responsibility to screen potential employees and ensure they are fully qualified to perform designated jobs. This screening includes thorough background and personality checks. Employers who fail to conduct such exams, or ignore their results, could be liable for assault damages.
  • Negligent Supervision: Sometimes, issues arise during the course of employment as opposed to the initial interview. Once again, if employers do not properly oversee their employees, or if they ignore problems, they may be liable for assault damages.

In court, victims/plaintiffs must establish all elements of assault, as outlined above, by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not).

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Rideshare companies may be legally responsible for Torrance sexual assault injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Torrance rideshare sexual assault lawyer, contact the Soofer Law Group. Our main office is conveniently located on Olympic Boulevard. Call today at (310) 478-5090.


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