USC Fraternity Protested Amidst Allegations of Spiked Drinks, Sexual Assault

Posted in Sexual Abuse on November 17, 2021

University of Southern California fraternity Sigma Nu has been suspended amid reports of sexual assault and spiked drinks at some of the chapter’s parties and events. The fraternity is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department due to the reports made to USC’s Department of Public Safety.

USC students have protested outside of the fraternity house as they express their frustration at what they see as a lack of adequate response from the school in addressing issues of sexual assault across campus, and especially where Greek organizations are concerned. The President of the USC Sigma Nu chapter is a suspect in one sexual assault case, though he has not yet been charged or arrested as the investigation is ongoing.

USC Interfraternity Council Response

The school’s Interfraternity Council released a response to the events, stating, “We are disgusted this violence took place in our community. Over the next few weeks, we will be gathering to discuss actionable steps. This action will address social events, recruitment, new member processes and the ways members are held accountable. The Interfraternity Council has suspended all social activities while the Interfraternity Council takes deliberate action.” The fraternity released a statement on social media saying that it is cooperating with the investigation and has suspended one of the chapter’s members as a result.

Why Students Are Protesting USC’s Response to the Allegations

Students have gathered outside the Sigma Nu fraternity house over several days to protest the university’s response to the allegations. The fraternity house has been plastered with notes from survivors underscoring the emotional, physical and mental toll of assault.

Students also blasted USC for circulating an email giving female students tips on being safe while on campus. Some of those protesting in recent days have been members of other fraternities, noting that they did not want the incidents that allegedly took place at Sigma Nu to tarnish those organizations that take student safety seriously. Some USC fraternities have even offered members extra training and workshops to ensure they understand the severity of sexual assault and ways they can help combat it.

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