These Are The Most Common Causes of Bicycle Injuries

Posted in Firm News on August 7, 2015

bicycle accident injuriesMore likely than not, you can see on any given day just how many people are riding their bikes alongside vehicles. Bicycling injuries can happen to anyone. But the more you can do to prevent an accident, the safer you’ll be. Here are a few of the biggest causes of bike accidents, and some of the ways you can avoid them.

Not wearing a helmet – According to a 2006 study, 95% of people who died in bicycling accidents weren’t wearing a helmet. Not only that, but the total estimated cost of injuries to cyclists without helmets is $2.3 billion annually. So if it doesn’t cost you your life, it’ll certainly cost you a pretty penny. Make sure you have a helmet that fits you properly, and wear it every time you ride.

Incorrect stop sign etiquette – Representing almost 18% of all bike-related accidents, improper stop sign etiquette is detrimental to bicycle safety. Make sure you follow the correct set of steps at every stop sign, and be sure that you are seen by other vehicles. The best thing you can do to avoid stop sign collisions is increase your visibility. Being clearly seen by surrounding traffic can be eliminate most of the risk associated with bicycling.

Careless driving – Bicycle accident injuries don’t just happen because of the cyclists. When you’re driving in areas where there is a high volume of cyclists, it’s important that you stay aware of your driving behaviors. Most bicycle accident injuries occur in urban areas and locations that are not intersections. Road junctions are the most frequent site for car and bicycle accidents, so you can avoid collision by paying extra attention at these kinds of locations.

If you are involved in bike and car accident, don’t settle for minimum compensation. Finding a bicycle injury attorney that will cover your losses and expenses is essential. But there are ways you can prevent yourself from being in this situation again, just by practicing simple safety behaviors.


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