These 3 Scenarios Could Lead to a Brain Injury Settlement

Posted in Firm News on August 31, 2015

brain injury settlementEach year, millions of people are injured in preventable accidents — on the road, in public, or even where they live. Among the most serious of these issues are brain injuries, which can have devastating consequences on a person’s quality of life and may even lead to death. Do you think that you may be entitled to a brain injury settlement or have a family member who suffered from a serious injury? These three scenarios, especially, can lead to working with an accident attorney:

Road Crashes
Auto accidents rank among the top causes for personal injury lawsuits in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that roughly 40,000 deaths and 3 million injuries result from the total of 5.5 million car accidents per year. However, not all accidents involve passengers in vehicles only. Even others on the road, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, are also at risk. Bicycle riders are especially vulnerable if they don’t wear helmets; a crash can lead to a brain injury. In fact, roughly two-thirds of those who die in such crashes, and one out of eight of those injured, suffered brain injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
Elderly neglect in nursing homes is a growing problem that can lead to a brain injury. Because residents in nursing homes often require round-the-clock care, they may be more susceptible to injury if they don’t receive the attention they need. Homes that are understaffed, where two or three employees have to care for 100 or more residents, are especially at risk for elder abuse or neglect incidents. Accidents can also happen that lead to a brain injury if residents have gone unsupervised in their daily tasks. If you or a loved one have encountered dangerous conditions in a nursing home, make sure to contact an attorney who deals with such cases.

Slip and Fall Accidents
Regardless of age, anyone can have a slip and fall accident in public. In fact, they rank among the most common cases that lead to a brain injury settlement for victims. One common cause, especially among younger people, is a brain injury caused by playing sports, including baseball, football, horseback riding, ice hockey, in-line skating, kick scooters, lacrosse, and snowboarding. However, all of these combined are fewer than the number of head injuries related to bicycling that require hospitalization each year.

No matter how you were injured, speaking with a personal injury lawyer is the best way to assess whether you or a loved one is entitled to a brain injury settlement.


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