Bicycling Injury Lawsuits By the Numbers

Posted in Firm News on April 15, 2015

accident and injury lawyersAlthough injuries sustained from car and truck accidents are the most common reasons for seeking help from accident and injury lawyers, another cause of personal injury lawsuits is becoming more prevalent: bicycling accidents. To get a better idea about the severity of these cases, take a look at the bicycle injury statistics below:

13 million: The number of bicycles sold in the U.S. during 2013. Considering that this number is just one year of average bike sales, and that more bicycles are being sold each year as Americans become more environmentally conscious, there are likely many millions of bicyclists out on the roads today.

4 p.m. to Midnight: This eight-hour time period is when nearly half (48%) of all fatal bicycling accident injuries occur. It’s really no surprise that the most serious bicycling injuries occur during this time, with rush hour traffic causing plenty of congestion each day and with limited visibility at night.

95%: The average percentage of bicyclists who are killed in accidents and were not wearing protective helmets at the time of the crash. Although bike helmets may not be your strongest fashion statement, every bit of evidence shows that helmets are essential for staying safe while riding a bike. So many car and bicycle accidents result in immediate deaths, or serious injuries to the brain and spinal cord, because bicyclists often neglect to put on a helmet before hopping on their bikes.

One in every eight: The number of bicyclists injured in bike and car accidents who suffer severe brain injuries. With the bicyclists killed in these serious accidents, about two-thirds of the victims had suffered traumatic brain injuries. Although accident and injury lawyers are well-equipped to handle these severe injury cases for victims who survive crashes, it’s important to realize that the victims rarely fully recover after experiencing a brain injury.

1%: The percentage of all trips taken in the U.S. via bicycles, making this form of transportation one of the least popular ways to get around. Nevertheless, out of every group of travelers on the road, bicyclists face the highest risk of being involved in an accident.


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