The 3 Top Traits You Should Look For In A Lawyer

Posted in Firm News on September 14, 2015

accident lawyersWhen you’re involved in personal injury lawsuits, you want to make sure you’re receiving the best care possible from your legal team. Your accident lawyers should have the experience to make you feel confident you’ll get the settlement you deserve. When you’re trying to hire an accident lawyer, these are some of the things you should look for to find the right representation for your case.

They’re quick to return your calls – When choosing the right accident lawyers, you’ll want to find a team that will keep you in-the-loop. Your personal injury lawyer will be quick to contact you back when you have questions about your case, and will never leave you feeling like you’re being pushed to the back-burner. Nearly 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, so your case should be open and shut.

They respect you and your case – Some personal injuries can be traumatic. Car accidents are the most common cause of personal injury lawsuits in the United States, with 3 million people injured in car accidents every year. Your accident lawyers should make you feel respected and at ease in this time of hardship, not judged or dismissed. If you feel as though your lawyer is treating you with disrespect, make sure you don’t settle for anything less than the best.

They follow all the rules – If your personal injury law firm is making you promises that sound a little too confident, it’s probably because they are. Your legal team should be realistic with you about their experience with cases like yours, without making direct guarantees of a win. They should be able to use their experience to get you the results you want, without having to rely on persuasion tactics to convince you. Make sure if something doesn’t feel quite right about your accident lawyers, you look into other options for legal representation as soon as possible.


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