“Aggressive Honest Attorney”

“Hello my name is Albert D. In the year 2006 I was involved in a accident with a friend of mine as we were crossing the street. I was referred to Ramin Soofer by a good friend and sure enough, he was just who i was looking for. At that time I needed a honest, trustful and aggressive attorney to help me receive compensation for my injuries as soon as possible, lucky for me the case went by faster then i expected and i was back on my feet in no time. Ramin is highly recommendable and is highly respected by me, and I’m confident plenty of others feel the same. Thanks Ramin we appreciate you!”

Albert D

“Grateful Client”

“Ramin was recommended to me by my friend when my lawyer at the time would get annoyed when I would call him to find out what’s going on with my case. Ramin always returned my calls and always told me my options. We ended up going to court and he always prepared me in advance of what was going to happen. At the end I was very happy for the results he obtained for me. This guy is the real no nonsense deal. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”


“They Put Clients First!”

“Ramin is by far the BEST personal injury attorney. He has represented myself and numerous members of my family and he has gone beyond what normal attorneys do for their clients.  He and his staff will take care of you and make you feel like family.  He will fight for you and not give up until he gets you the best outcome possible.  You will not be sorry if you retain Ramin Soofer and his amazing staff.”

Judy O.

“Best Lawyer EVER!!!”

“I fell at my apartment and my landlord called me a fake. Ramin had his investigators find tenants who actually proved the landlord was lying. He helped me a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. You just need to listen to him and trust him and he will WIN.”

L. R.

“The only Attorney I need”

“I had a car accident last year in December and i suffered from injuries, so i looked up Ramin Soofer in the newspaper, gave him a call, told him my story and he was willing to represent me in my case. My case was solved faster than i thought and with the proper treatment from the doctors Ramin referred me to i was back to feeling better in no time.His office staff is friendly, always returned my calls, answered my questions efficiently and where always very accommodating. He’s a very good, honest, professional attorney and if i would need an attorney ever in the future i would seek the services of Ramin.”

Joshua V.


“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident a year ago and Ramin was quick to help. I Suffered from back, head and neck injuries and Ramin referred me to doctors who helped me start my recovery. I had tried to seek other attorneys but they turned my case down. After feeling discouraged a friend told me about Ramin and it was the best choice i made. Ramin fought for me and for what i deserved, he got me the policy limit on the other party’s insurance.”

Wendy T.

“Highly Recommended Lawyer”

“In the year of 2006 I was hit by a vehicle with a friend as I was walking across the street due to this matter I sustained injuries in the knee and my back and suffered many other traumas. I was referred to Ramin Soofer by a friend since then Ramin took my case and provided me with great services, since then I have referred Ramin Soofer to many other friends and family that are in need of a good honest, genuine, professional lawyer, I would continue to call Ramin at anytime for any legal advice and other legal services he is highly recommended and highly respected by me.”

Leslie P.

“I’m grateful I found Ramin Soofer”

“My accident happened summer of last year. I was a pedestrian in the Compton Mall parking lot. A car hit me on the side of my leg and i was greatly injured. I looked for an attorney and found Ramin Soofer. The other persons insurance only wanted to pay me very little for my injuries and Ramin fought for me and he got me maximum compensation. His services are great, His work is perfect. Im very thankful for his hard work. Thank you Ramin and staff for all you have done for me on behalf of myself and my husband.”

Pascuala G.