Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Posted in Attorneys,Firm News,Personal Injury on November 26, 2016

Often times, being a pedestrian is taken too lightly. There are serious risks when walking near road traffic and sadly sometimes people don’t make it to their destinations. Being a defensive pedestrian is just as valuable as being a defensive driver. Take these extra precautions while walking near roads to help you get where you’re going safely.

Make Yourself Seen

  • Woman and child looking before crossing the roadWear bright or light colored clothing and reflective materials so drivers can see you at night.
  • Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark.
  • Cross the street in well-lit areas at night.
  • Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars, or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see you. Don’t just walk out into the street from behind something.

Make Smart Choices

  • Always walk on the sidewalk and if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • Stay sober – walking while impaired increases your chance of being struck.
  • Don’t assume vehicles will stop. Make eye contact with drivers before stepping out in front of their vehicle. A driver may not be paying enough attention to come to a stop which result in a severe car accident.
  • Don’t just rely on pedestrian signals – look before you cross the road.
  • Be alert to engine noise or backup lights on cars when in parking lots and near on-street parking spaces.

Always Look Before You Cross

  • Cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections whenever possible.
  • Obey traffic signals such as WALK and DON’T WALK signs.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing a street.
  • Watch for turning vehicles when crossing a crosswalk.
  • Make sure the driver sees you and will stop for you before you walk out in front of it.
  • Look across ALL lanes you must cross and visually clear each lane before proceeding.
  • Even if one motorist stops, do not presume drivers in other lanes can see you and will stop for you.
  • Don’t wear headphones or talk on a cell phone while crossing the street.


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