Personal Injury Payouts Bring Some Relief To Domestic Violence Victims

Posted in Firm News on June 4, 2015

personal injury attorneysWhat drives most people to file a personal injury claim? Statistics show that the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits result from an auto accident. The 45,678 personal injury attorneys working across the nation, however, handle a wide array of cases, and auto accidents certainly aren’t the only thing to blame for serious — and sometimes debilitating — injuries. For example, many Americans do not realize that domestic abuse victims can turn to personal injury law firms for legal recompense.

When Do Domestic Abuse Victims Have A Personal Injury Case?
You do not have to have a car accident injury claim on your hands to file a personal injury lawsuit. Basically, if you have been violently attacked, you definitely have plenty of reasons to consult with personal injury attorneys. And there may be quite a bit of money in it. According to the News Mail, “A victim in Victoria [Australia] recently received $80,000 for pain and suffering caused by her assailant during a violent four-day attack in 2013.” For those who wish to work more or less one-on-one with a personal injury lawyer and settle the matter before it goes to trial, that’s very possible — and perhaps even the most realistic option. Statistics show that, out of all personal injury claims, 96% will be settled before ever going to court.

Is Divorce A Necessary Prerequisite?
In some cases (e.g. when filing for most civil claims), a divorce may be a necessary step along the way; personal injury claims can be much more versatile, and they can afford domestic abuse victims opportunities they may not have otherwise. puts it simply: “A final divorce is not necessary before a personal injury lawsuit is filed.” If an abused spouse wins his or her case, the winnings may be pooled with divorce winnings, however.

Personal injury is a large field — and it encompasses some surprising areas, such as domestic violence. Domestic violence victims can turn to personal injury lawsuits in terms of legal action and resolution.


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