Gearing up for Bike Season

Posted in Firm News on June 5, 2015

There’s nothing quite like that first bike ride of spring. With the sun on your cheek and the wind in your hair, anything seems possible. In our ecological and…

Personal Injury Payouts Bring Some Relief To Domestic Violence Victims

Posted in Firm News on June 4, 2015

What drives most people to file a personal injury claim? Statistics show that the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits result from an auto accident.

Why You Should Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted in Firm News on May 5, 2015

Car and bicycle accidents, slips and falls, injuries in apartment complexes, and hit and run accidents are all sure to ruin a person’s entire week.

Bicycles Are One Of The Most Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel, But Is It Worth it?

Posted in Firm News on April 23, 2015

A bicycle manufacturer is working on a bicycle that purifies the air as cyclists pedal from point A to point B. Lightfog Creative Director Silawat Virakul is…

Volvo Introduces Glow-In-The-Dark Pain To Prevent Bicycle Injuries

Posted in Firm News on April 22, 2015

Relatively few people ride their bikes wherever they need to go — in fact, just 1% of all transportation occurs on a bicycle. Even so…

Staying Safe on a Cycling Commute

Posted in Firm News on April 16, 2015

Bicycling is a great way to stay in shape and help the environment, but it can also be a dangerous activity. Bicyclists are at higher risk of injury or death…

South Dakota Pushes for Safer Roadways

Posted in Firm News on April 16, 2015

South Dakota bicyclists and law makers are attempting to reduce bicycling injuries by making the roads safer for bicyclists. Bicyclists face a higher risk of…

New Mobile Application, BikeShield, May Make The Roads Safer For Bicyclists

Posted in Firm News on April 15, 2015

More Americans are making an effort to “go green” and, with bicycle sales reaching 13 million in 2013, riding your bike to and from work may seem like the…

Bicycling Injury Lawsuits By the Numbers

Posted in Firm News on April 15, 2015

Although injuries sustained from car and truck accidents are the most common reasons for seeking help from accident and injury lawyers…

Keeping Cyclists Safe on the Road

Posted in Firm News on April 14, 2015

The cycling death of a Nebraska school teacher is prompting friends and neighbors to push for clearer safety regulations for bikes and cars.


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