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Ramin Soofer has been a practicing lawyer since 1993. His practice has been devoted to representing injured people and helping them get their lives back. He has devoted his entire career to fighting tough insurance companies and large corporations for his injured clients. He understands that his clients has suffered a loss that affects not only them but their families.

Soofer Law Group Cares

  • Ramin oversees every aspect of his client’s case. He answers all of their calls and questions himself. He is never too busy for his clients. He will not allow his clients to get short changed by the insurance companies and big corporations who have unlimited money and resources to force clients into submission. He fights for his clients every step of the way to get the highest amount possible for his clients, either by trial or settlement. He is not afraid to go to court if it is in the client’s best interests.
  • Ramin gets to know his all of his clients. He prepares them thoroughly for every aspect of their litigation. To insurance companies clients are just a file number and they find every way to minimize the client’s injuries and suffering. To Ramin, his clients are real people with families, careers, dreams, goals and aspirations who just want to be fairly compensated and get back on their feet. Ramin fights for all of his clients and makes sure that the insurance companies and juries understand the loss his clients and their families have suffered.

Case Success

Ramin has achieved a recoverable outcome in over 98% of the cases he has litigated for his clients.